Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MS SQL Server Along With Hadoop

Thank you Guys!!!

Your appreciation and encouragement on my post of "BIG DATA" under the title "Apart From SQL Server...".

From now onward we will learn both "SQL Server" and "Hadoop" Administration under this same blog of mine. So definitely first I'll update my blog title to "All about MS SQL Server And Hadoop Administrator" rather than "All about MS SQL Server DBA".
Here I will share my real world experiences about MS SQL Server as well as my learning experience about Hadoop Administrator.

We saw a tremendous revolution in past decade around us with the help of IT and of course there is much more in coming years. If you look back there were hardly or you can count the e-commerce sites in your finger tips but today there are dozens of e-commence going around. These e-commerce business will generate bunch of Structure as well as unstructured data. Structure data's can be easily managed by RDBMS but to maintain and improve these unstructured  data we need a large set of Cluster structure Servers which will handle these type of data. Most of us today are not aware to this technology or just have heard the term "BIG DATA".

I've already posted here that how I came to know about this technology. Now, here is the reason why I'm keen to learn Hadoop.

As a MS SQL Server DBA I always wanted to learn some different related technology as well. Since I'm having knowledge on RDBMS and learning Oracle which is also again an RDBMS. So thought of learning Non-RDBMS product and I landed to learn Hadoop.

So those you want to learn SQL Server or Hadoop or both can bookmark my link. I'm afraid as a new beginner to Hadoop I might go wrong sometimes but trust me I'll try to avoid such mistakes by understand the topic well before writing any blog on Hadoop.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any part not just with Hadoop but also with MS SQL Server posts.

So guys, let's start learning a new upcoming technology along with our own MS SQL Server.

Keep Learning and Enjoy Learning!!!

Thank you!!!