Thursday, July 9, 2015

Introduction to SQL Server 2016

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As many of you must be aware under Microsoft flagship, they have announced SQL Server 2016 in May’15 during Microsoft Ignite conference. So, the latest available version of MS SQL Server 2016 is CTP 2.1 (Community Technology Preview) from Jun’16. Soon (Somewhere in 2016; not yet confirm) the general version RTM (Release To Manufacture) would be available.  Also the code name for this version is yet to release.

SQL Server 2016
Introducing SSMS for SQL Server 2016

Following is a brief note on the how the Software is released in phases:
  • CTP > It stands for Community Technology Preview. CTP version is released before a newly developed software is roll out in the market. It is releases to improve the software or to fix bugs present.
  • RTM > It stand for Release To Manufacture. This is the first official version which released to the customers or clients for use. 
  • CU > It stands for Cumulative Updates which keep on releasing after RTM or SP is released. Its main purpose is to fix the bug found in the product.
  • SP > It stands for Service Pack. Bunch of CU forms a SP and it is cumulative. That means say there are two SP’s are released SP1 and SP2. You can directly apply SP2 no need to apply SP1 and then SP2.
Click here to find more on release date and the version number for overall Microsoft product available from SQL Server 7.0 till SQL Server 2016.

With this information now we will see what new features are available in MS SQL Server 2016. The following diagram will give you an idea about some of the new feature in SQL Server 2016.

New Features in SQL Server 2016
New Features of SQL Server 2016

We will see in detail about these new features of SQL Server 2016 on next post here. Till then........

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