Sunday, June 22, 2014

My First Blog - Introduction to Myself

Dear Friends,

This is Vikas Sahu!!!

It's my first post, and I'm very much excited about this. As I am newbie to this world of blogging, henceforth I would require your continuous support and mentoring about the post which we would be doing in future.

About Myself

My education completes with Degree in BE IT in the year 2010 from Mumbai university. 
In all I'm having near to 4 years of professional IT experience purely as a MS SQL Server DBA Consultant. Till now I have worked with two IT organization and sooner I would be joining the third one.
We work with the clients, where we hold responsibility for handling multiple SQL Server instances. 

I'm inspired  to write these things on blog from Akhilesh Humbe who continuously blog here on middle ware stuff.

From now on-wards, here, we will try to learn and troubleshoot various parts of SQL Server and also as and when I faces issues. I would be definitely keep you all posted, along with the professional experience I will also keep you all in touch with my personal life experience as well. 

Also guy's lets make this blog as a pool for database solutions. Where we will definitely learn and implement new things from SQL end.

Feel free to clarify your concerns either by dropping mail to my inbox. Also your comments will be a great value added to our post's. So please don't forget to leave a comments at the end.    

Glad Glad Glad!!! That you have spend your precious time by reading to my first blog. Keep tuned up for further post. 

It's already 01.07 AM Sunday 22nd June'14....Will publish this post first thing in morning tomorrow.


Vikas B Sahu