Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Error 1412 while configuring Mirroring

Dear Friends,

This post is related to an Error- 1412 which state "Database has not been rolled forward to a point in time" while configuring Mirroring.


There was a need to configure High Availability (HA) for one of the critical database of our client. For that we started with the procedure of Mirroring and at the end we faced the following error:

Error 1412 in Mirroring
Error 1412 - Database has not been rolled forward to a point in time

Procedure to configure Mirroring:

1. Take 'Full' Backup of the Principal Database from Principal Server.
2. Take the following 'Log' backup of same Database.
3. Restore the 'Full' Backup with NORECOVERY on the Mirrored server with the same 
    Database name as Principal Database.
4. Restore the 'Log' Backup again with NORECOVERY.     
5. Creation of End Points on both Principal and Mirrored Server.
6. Enable Mirroring on Mirrored Server.
7. Enable Mirroring on Principal Server.

At point 7 we faced the above error 1412.
The work around for that was or you can say silly mistake what we did was the command of taking the 'Log' Backup was same as 'Full' backup (The only change we've done was .trn instead of .bak and rest syntax was same of Full Backup).

So basically there was 2 'Full' Backups with no 'Log' Backup followed.

Most of you must know this already and despite it was small and due to our silly mistake we faced this error, so thought of sharing with you.

Happy Learning!!! J