Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SQL Edition Upgrade Architecture Mismatch

Hi Friends,

I have recently posted an article on how to configure Quorum which was Part 2 post of three part series of SQL Server Clustering.

Recently I was checking my old mails and from that I found an error which we have faced a year back. So though of sharing with you guys. As my headline states "SQL Edition Upgrade Architecture Mismatch", yes it some what belongs to Edition Upgradation error.

Following is the snapshot of the error:

SQL Edition Upgrade Architecture Mismatch
Error - SQL Edition Upgrade Architecture Mismatch
Generally we do get this error on the landing page itself during the verification step if SQL Server found there is mismatch in the Bits i.e. x86 or x64 Bit. So the solution for this is very much simple.

Go to the Option tab on the left hand side in the initial page. Now you can see there are two radio buttons x86 and x64. By default its x64. You can change this as per your requirement.

You can see the following snapshot for reference:

After changing it you can proceed with the installation part.

If anyone of you planning for SQL Server Certification refer this post, it will give you an overview on the examination. Also you can comment on it if you have any.

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