Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Restore Master Database?

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After getting start with my first post About Linked Server which was the first part of three part series. I like to introduce here my next post in which I want to share one of my personal experiences with you all.

So the question here stands is: How can we restore Master Database (MDB)?

  1.  MDB is one of the most important System DB. This DB holds the responsibility to start the SQL Server Instance.
  2. As we know MDB is the heart of SQL Server in which all the logins, DB Path, LS information are stored in this DB itself.
  3. So it becomes necessary to backup MDB on regular basis.

Most of the timings restoring MDB come into picture in case of disaster only. To Restore the MDB we need to follow the below steps:
  1. Note down the path of the latest MDB backup file
  2. Take the Server into Single user mode
  3. Connect the SQL Server
  4.  Restore the MDB with replace
      Kindly refer the msdn for more details.

Vikas Sahu