Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Apart From SQL Server...

Hi Friends,

Here is a topic which you can relate or say not related to SQL Server but yes it is related to the Database world and this would be the most Hot and upcoming topic in the IT sector (or let me correct it is already!!!).

Any wild guesses what the topic it would be??

I expect some of you guessed it right. And the topic which I am mentioning is "BIG DATA".

How I came to know about this???

Frankly speaking I was not aware of the data storage unit terms above Terabyte (TB), so I just goggled around and at least now I know these units that are Petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte, yottabyte that's it till date.

After learning the data storage units I was curious about the company’s that stores the data above TB. I mean of course it would be a challenge to store such a huge data. Rather I'll say it would also be challenging task to maintain & process these data's.As per a site the most famous social network site "Facebook" generates approx 500 TB of data daily basis. As I said storing and maintaining these data's for companies would be challenging.

Now-a-days internet is flooded with lots of videos about the big data; some of them may be worth watching if you are interested to learn. Once you start learning you will come across many terms such as Hadoop, Hbase, NoSQL, Pig, Hive, Cassandra and many more. Even till date these are just a term for me as well as I am a beginner to this topic. As I progress and feed myself with these topics I will regularly update you through this blog. This is just a beginning to the new technology of "BIG DATA". In coming days I will post new topics as well as links about this topic.

According to one of the research company there would be a crunch of these skill set in the upcoming years. Looking from the job perspective you can find ample of designation under this topic also with lots of job opportunities. But beside this, one has to select which suits best for them.

Happy learning!!!