Monday, September 8, 2014

How to create Database and Migration in SQL Azure

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As we have seen the welcome note on “SQL Azure” here. This is just a continuation of that post.
Here we’ll see how to create a Server, Database as well as how to authenticate the user to access the Database in Azure.

1.       Connect to
2.       Click Subscription >> Then “Create”.
3.       Select the location (Region where you wanted to deploy your Azure Database).
4.       Create Admin Login ID & set the password.
5.       Check “Allow other windows Azure services to access this service”.
Add the list of IP’s which can able to access the server.
6.       Click “Finish”.

Once it is done. A server name will be created, which one can use to connect and create a Database.

How to create Azure Database:

1.       Once the server is configured, connect to the server. Here we can able to see only “Master” Database (Master Database is not chargeable).
2.       Under Database >> Create >> Database_Name >> Select “Edition”.
3.       Database is created.

How to migrate Other Databases to Azure:

1.       If you are planning to migrate any other RDBMS to Azure, we need to first migrate it to MS SQL 2008 then only we can migrate to Azure.
2.       Once we have migrated to generate script of Database using Azure Tool (Reason all the features are not supported if we generate the script from SQL Server).
3.       SQL Azure >> Migration Wizard >> Generate Script.
4.       Copy the script and run it to create Azure Database.
5.       Populate data using either SSIS or SQL Azure migration wizard

Max size of DB is limited to 50 GB. We can connect to windows azure portal to view the bill.

Note: Above points are my understanding from the session, there might be some flaws. Looking forward for your note to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.   

Thanks for reading the article. Stay Tuned.